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Mission of the Fulbright Center

The Fulbright Center's mission is to promote mutual understanding between Dutch and American citizens by providing financial assistance for study, research and teaching and by providing information and advice about study in the US. The flagship program of the Center is the Fulbright Program, but the Center is also the only organization in The Netherlands that may carry the US government's seal of approval 'EducationUSA', which guarantees that information seekers receive complete, impartial and objective information in an accesible way on all aspects of study in the US. 

Studying in The Netherlands

The Fulbright Center offers information on study opportunities in The Netherlands at Dutch higher education institutions. In the menu on the top left, you can find topics that may be of interest to you or click here to find more information. Please note that the Center provides limited information to US students, which is primarily geared towards US Fulbright grant recipients to study or do research in The Netherlands. 

What did US students say about their stay in The Netherlands?

'In my mind, before I arrived in The Netherlands, this country was a delightful but small nation. However, once one spends any amount of time here, it becomes quickly apparent that The Netherlands contains strong local cultures as well, effectively defying any efforts to sterotype the whole of the country.'

"It was very interesting to live in Amsterdam which must be one of the most diverse cities in the world. I truly enjoyed meeting people of so many different backgrounds and hearing various opinions on many topics. As I now live in Lebanon, a diverse country but not like the Netherlands, it has forced me to reflect strongly on my experience in the Netherlands."

"I was very surprised by the motivation and rigor of dutch university students in general. Education is much more research oriented in the Netherlands than the US and this makes for challenging course work."

"While I expected to reap many academic and professional rewards during my Fulbright year, I didn't expect the major changes to my lifestyle that developed. I found that I shopped locally, cooked more often, and exercised more when I was living there. I've brought some of these habits back to the US with me, and I believe that I'm a happier and healthier person because of it."

"Many more of the faculty at my Dutch institution, where I got an MSc, were substantially interested in my work and my development than the number of faculty who took an interest in me and my work at the American institution where I got my PhD. The research environment was surprisingly supportive and collaborative."


Looking for other Fulbright Commissions?

If you do not hold the Dutch nationality and are a citizen of another EU country, please apply for a Fulbright grant in your own country. Click here to find the list of Fulbright Commissions in Europe.

US student interested in a Fulbright grant to the Netherlands?

US students may be eligible to apply for Fulbright grants in their home country.

US Consulate on Facebook

US citizens may find useful information on the Facebook page of the Consulate General in Amsterdam. Click here to visit the page.

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Fulbright Center on Facebook

Visit the Fulbright Center's Facebook page for updates (also in English) about study opportunities in the US.