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Fulbright Scholarships

Both the US government and the Dutch government support the Fulbright Center with an annual subsidy. This allows the Center to administer the Fulbright Program and to carry out a number of other tasks, such as educational advising. Non-governmental organizations also support the Fulbright Program. For more information on applying for Fulbright grants, please visit the website of the Institute of International Education (IIE) if you are a student and the website of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) if you are a scholar. Below you will find a list of sponsors and information about the grants that are supported by non-governmental institutions.

Netherland America Foundation (NAF)

Founded in 1921, the NAF is the leading bilateral foundation initiating and supporting high-impact exchange between The Netherlands and the United States, including the NAF-Fulbright Fellowships and programs in the arts, business, public policy and historic preservation. NAF activities provide donors and recipients with access to a broad network of educational, cultural and business organizations that exemplify Dutch and U.S. excellence in a number of disciplines. US students may apply for Fulbright grant through the Institute of International Education. The NAF offers support for a variey of grants such as water management, childhood cancer research, and hard sciences. Please click here for more information. The Fulbright Center proposes to the NAF which US students should get a NAF-Fulbright grant. The Board of the NAF usually accepts the proposal. All conditions for NAF supported students are the same as for other Fulbright grantees.

Holland America Friendship Foundation

The Holland America Friendship Foundation (HAFF) raises funds to enable various Dutch organizations to foster friendly relations with the United States. Since the first year of the HAFF's existence (2004), the Fulbright Center has received financial support, in particular to award extra Fulbright grants to Dutch students. The 'Night of the Stars', an annual event organized to raise money, attracts many business leaders, politicians and other well known figures to celebrate friendship between the two nations - and to raise money to finance various activities. The Fulbright Center determines which students will be awarded a HAFF supported grant. All conditions are the same as for other Fulbright grantees. Click here to visit the HAFF's website.

VU University Amsterdam

VU University Amsterdam is ranked among Europe’s top research universities and provides an internationally oriented community in which students can develop their full potential.  A high level of ambition characterizes research and education. Free and open communication of ideas, strongly oriented toward people and society, are encouraged. The university seeks renewal, using the strength of the variety of academic disciplines, nationalities, ideologies and social convictions that exist in the environment. VU University offers a competitive range of research and academic graduate programs, covering all major academic disciplines. The university is located in one of the most dynamic and fast-growing business districts in The Netherlands in which employees with an international background are widely appreciated. Amsterdam is the most culturally diverse city in the world, boasting 179 different nationalities, where English is widely spoken. Candidates must be admitted (at the time of application or later during the selection process for the Fulbright grant) to pre-selected English taught Master’s degree programs at VU University. Click here for the list of available programs. For admission to the VU University program of your choice, you need to apply directly at VU University, for the grant you will find all the information here

Maastricht University

Maastricht University uses Problem-Based Learning, an innovative teaching method that focuses on small groups, active participation, and informal contacts between students and the academic staff. This approach to teaching, together with the international student population, gives students significant opportunities to acquire knowledge and experience from a range of different perspectives. The majority of the Bachelor’s programs and almost all of the Master’s and Ph.D. programs are taught in English. MU focuses its research on international issues critical to the development of society. MU supports the Fulbright Program by providing a Fulbright grant in any of its many Master's programs. US applicants must apply through the Institute of International Education for the Fulbright-Maastricht University Scholarship. For admission to the Maastricht University program of your choice, you need to apply directly at Maastricht University, for the grant you will find all the information here

Radboud University Nijmegen

Radboud University Nijmegen is a student-oriented research university, situated in the oldest city of the Netherlands. Established in 1923, it is now one of the country’s leading academic communities. Radboud encourages a personal style of teaching, which offers plenty of opportunity to work closely with leading researchers and excellent teachers in small, interactive and often interdisciplinary seminars. New buildings and state-of-the art facilities such as the spectacular Faculty of Science, the Guesthouse and the High Field Magnet Laboratory have made the green campus an ultra-modern and innovative center of knowledge. US applicants must apply through the Institute of International Education for the Fulbright-Radboud University Nijmegen Scholarship. For admission to the program of your choice, you need to apply directly at Radboud University Nijmegen, you can find the list of English taught Master program here. For the grant you will find all the information here

TU Delft Faculty of Applied Sciences Scholarship

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) is ranked 15th university of technology in the world by the QS World University Rankings (2013). It is the largest and most comprehensive university of engineering sciences in the Netherlands, with modern facilities and a rich tradition. TU Delft is leading the way in research into technological innovations, contributing to scientific advancement in the interests of society, with research emphases in energy, environment, health and infrastructure. The Faculty of Applied Sciences is the largest faculty of TU Delft and is at the frontier of contemporary engineering science. Researchers of the Faculty are active in a range of fields, including nanotechnology, quantum transport, robotics, biotechnology, molecular engineering, energy-efficient industrial processing, nuclear science, optics and imaging. Much of the research being carried out at the Faculty is interdisciplinary. US applicants must apply through the Institute of International Education for the Fulbright-TU Delft Faculty of Applied Sciences Scholarship. For admission to the TU Delft University program of your choice, you need to apply directly at TU Delft University. Please note that the grant is only available for certain programs at the Faculty of Applied Science, which you will find listed with the rest of the grant information here

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a university of academics and practitioners. The enterprising academic and students endeavor to solve global social challenges in the fields of wealth, health, governance and culture. They draw inspiration from the metropolis, which serves as both a testing ground and a laboratory. The university was founded in 1913, when a group of Rotterdam businessmen established the Netherlands School of Commerce to meet the growing demand for skilled personnel for the companies operating in the port of Rotterdam. Later it changes its name and achieved world fame in economics and econometrics, under the guidance of renowned scholars like Nobel Prize winner Jan Tinbergen. The university has always had an international character. Anyone who studies at Erasmus University – more than 22,000 students – is in fact already doing an international program. Rotterdam is a world port city with and international life that goes with it. The grant made available by the university is names after Dr. Suzana Rodrigues, who taught at the university for many years. US applicants must apply through the Institute of International Education for the Fulbright-Erasmus University Rotterdam Dr. Suzana Rodrigues grant. For admission to the program of your choice, you need to apply directly at Erasmus University Rotterdam, for the grant you will find all the information here.