Funding bodies

There are several Dutch and many American independent funding bodies and quasi-governmental organizations that offer financial aid to international graduate students. You have to apply for these external funds before you know whether you are accepted into the program, as the deadlines often close early. Most financial aid programs only offer partial coverage, so it is important to apply to several funding bodies.

Fulbright scholarships

The Fulbright Commission manages a program that is subsidized by the Dutch and American governments and receives financial support from an increasing number of beneficiaries. A Fulbright scholarship will cover $35.000 intended to support Master’s students looking to study in the US. PhD students are currently not eligible for a Fulbright scholarship. See the page on Fulbright scholarships for more information about the conditions and deadlines.


KHMW-Eizenga scholarship

Graduate students that intend to apply to an MBA or Master’s program in economics in the US can apply for this scholarship worth $50.000. Check out our page on the KHMW-Eizenga scholarship for information about its conditions and deadlines.


Other scholarships

The following resources can help you find other financial opportunities in the Netherlands and the US:

  • Beursopener
    The website list all available scholarships. You can categorize by field, region and other criteria.
  • Fundingusstudy
  • Peterson’s Scholarship Search
  • EducationUSA
  • Other resources
    You can reference a variety of resources at the Fulbright Commission containing overviews of all grants, het fondsenboek, the Grants Register, and Peterson’s Scholarships, grants and prizes. Contact us to schedule a visit to view these resources.


Student loans

Do you meet the requirements for a loan in the Netherlands? Then you might also qualify for a loan during your studies in the US. You can find more information on the DUO. If you are not a Dutch citizen, you can do some research on which loans and scholarships are available in your own country.