As an EducationUSA Center, we offer free advice to anyone interested in studying or researching in the US. Wanting to go to the US for a gap year after high school? Interested in doing a master’s or PhD in the US after getting your bachelor’s degree? Scroll to see what information applies to you and to read more about the program(s) you’re interested in.

Summer Program

Are you in high school or studying and interested in a short-term program in the US? Then a summer program may be for you. There are a variety of options, from language immersion programs to college prep programs and vocational programs.


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Gap Year

Will you soon finish HAVO, VWO or gymnasium? A gap year in the US offers you a great opportunity to further develop yourself. Thanks to the liberal arts system, you can discover new talents and interests before continuing your studies in the Netherlands.

Community College

At a community college, you can study a variety of subjects and earn an associate’s degree in two years. You may be able to advance into the third year of a bachelor’s degree after completing your program.



Bachelor's Degree

Interested in pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree in the United States? A bachelor’s degree in the US offers you many opportunities to develop your knowledge in the natural sciences and social sciences. In addition to your studies, you will have plenty of room to develop your social skills and talents in arts or sports.



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Participating in an exchange program to an American university during your Dutch studies has many advantages.



Transferring to an American university during your Dutch studies? Then you are considered a transfer student and will follow a different application process.

Master's Degree

Interested in pursuing a master’s degree in the US after your bachelor’s? Learn more about different types of programs, including academic masters and professional degrees.


After earning a bachelor’s degree, you can apply for a master’s, or you can start directly with a PhD program in the US.


Fulbright Scholarships

Interested in knowing more about Fulbright scholarships for master’s or PhD students?


Interested in doing research in the US for a period of time during your Dutch graduate program? Want to gain hands-on knowledge and experience in your field?



Want to do an internship in the US? Finding an internship position is not easy, but not impossible if you plan ahead and do thorough research on internship opportunities.


Still have questions about your specific situation? If so, please contact one of our educational advisors.