Campus Scholarship Program: participating universities

We understand you’re curious about the university where you’re going to study next year. Will you be surrounded by beautiful nature in Oregon? Are you going skiing in Michigan? Or are you going to be down south where you don’t even need a winter coat?

The exact location of your university remains a surprise for now. The application for a gap year at an American university is a complicated process. If you were going to the United States for your entire bachelor’s degree, you would be able to apply to practically any of the thousands of American universities, as long as you meet the entry requirements. Because you’re only going for a year, not all universities will accept your application. Since 1949 the Fulbright Commission in the Netherlands has partnered with several universities who are open to receiving gap year students and are willing to provide scholarships.

The team at the Fulbright Commission determines which university or universities would be a good fit for you, based on your interests, test results, grades and budget. The universities make admission and scholarship decisions.

The Fulbright Commission operates independently

The Fulbright Commission does not sign contracts with participating universities. We do not work on a commission basis and are not required to place a minimum number of students at a particular university. This guarantees independent advice to students. It also means we cannot guarantee admission to a particular university.

You will find a list of universities who admitted CSP students below. Please keep in mind that this list does not show details about admission requirements and costs. These aspects are variable and different for each university. The Fulbright Commission will work with you to find your best personal fit after you are admitted to the Campus Scholarship Program. 

This list may slightly change per year and is not definitive.

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