Most MBA programs require a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score. Make sure to check whether this test is mandatory at the university you are applying to. Some business schools also accept a GRE score report.

The GMAT is a more general verbal, mathematical, and analytical test. Total test time is 3.5 hours. The test contains the following sections:


  • An analytical writing assessment: this section measures your ability to think critically and to communicate complex ideas in writing.
  • Integrated Reasoning: twelve questions that ask you to find information in data sources such a graphs and tables.
  • 37 quantitative multiple choice questions that measure your ability to analyze data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills as well as your understanding of mathematics, algebra, geometry and terminology.
  • 41 verbal reasoning multiple choice questions that measure your ability to understand and evaluate written material to conform to standard written English.
  • This test is computer adaptive. This means that the first question is of average difficulty. Depending on your answers, the computer will select questions that match your level. Once you have confirmed your answer, you are no longer able to go back and change it.


The test can be taken in Utrecht, Nieuwegein, Diemen, and Amsterdam on a weekly basis at any time during the year. Pearson Vue administers the test. You can register at The test costs $250.



GMAT scores are valid for a time period of five years. After completing the exam, you can view your results for the multiple choice sections. If you are unhappy with your results, you can cancel your scores. This will delete your test results, meaning that you technically have not taken the test. You are allowed to retake the exam 16 days after your previous attempt. This new score will be sent to the universities of your choice, together with the results of two previous attempts from within the past five years that you have accepted – deleted test results are not included.

Accepted results will appear online within 20 days. Pearson Vue will also send your score to up to five universities. If you are not sure where to apply yet, or if you want to send your score to more than five universities, you can have Pearson Vue send the scores at a later time. This will cost a fee, however. Universities will keep your score, even if they have not received a complete application yet.



No specific management knowledge is required to take the test. It is recommended to take a practice exam to estimate how much you will need to practice in order to successfully complete the GMAT. Practice questions and free software is available for download at You can find a complete practice exam at Crack GMAT. After taking this exam, you can compare your score with those of other participants.