Transfer students

It is possible to transfer from a Dutch university to a US university, as well as between US institutions part of the way through a degree, although this is not an easy process.

As well as meeting the basic university admission requirements, transfer applicants are expected to:


  • Complete at least one year of university study with excellent results before transferring
  • Have clear reasons for transferring to a particular university or college, such as an intended specialization in a certain field.
  • Have clear study pans and objectives about this specialization at the new institution.
  • Study for at least two years at the new institution.


some requirements, such as admissions exams (TOEFL, SAT, or ACT), may be waived for transfer students. The most competitive colleges have even more demanding admissions standards for transfer students.



Application deadlines are later for transfer students than first-year admissions. For fall entry, transfer application deadlines are typically between February and March. Spring entry application deadlines will likely be in the early fall. You can find the exact deadlines on your university’s website.


Application process

Most universities require you to submit:

  • Application fees
  • Official transcripts from your secondary school and current university
  • Recommendation letters from current professors
  • Admissions essays
  • Personal statement outlining your reasons for transferring.
  • A description of all courses completed at your current university. It might be necessary to include a translation by a credential evaluator. Your description should contain at least: The name of the course, the total amount of hours/credit received, the bibliography and topics discussed throughout the course.



American universities usually offer little funding to transfer students. Make sure to read up on ways to finance your studies.