Funding your Bachelor

Studying in the United States can be very expensive

Fees can vary significantly from university to university, and it is certainly possible to affordably study abroad in the US, as long as you spend sufficient time preparing. Make sure to consider your financial situation and options early on in the application process. This is an important factor in choosing a university, although it is possible that the fees on the website are higher than the fee you end up paying, depending on any funding opportunities you find.

The reason for these differences is the wide variety in tuition fees. There is no government set fee for higher education in the US, so all universities and colleges can set their own tuition fees. Generally speaking, state universities will charge less than private institutions, because state universities collect subsidies from the region they’re located in. These subsidies are meant to benefit the state and its inhabitants, which is why in-state tuition, for people who live in the state, is often lower than out-of-state tuition for people who come from other regions. State universities tend to be cheaper than private institutions, even for out-of-state students, although the latter may have better financial aid opportunities available to students.

Fees also differ depending on the university’s location. Costs of living depends on the region: the North-east and west coast of the US are much more expensive than the Midwest. Living costs at a more rural university will also be significantly lower than those in a large city.


There are three ways to fund your studies in the US:

  • Through parent(s)/guardian(s), or your own income
  • Funding opportunities through your American university
  • Student loans