Intercountry Program

Approximately 250 American Fulbright Scholars are spread across Europe in any given academic year. Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences can invite one of these Fulbright Scholars for a visit to their university via the European Intercountry Program, and apply for a grant to cover their international travel cost.

You can find the list of all Fulbright American Scholars in Europe per academic year on this link on our Finnish Fulbright colleagues’ website (scroll down for the list).

The purpose of the visit of the Fulbirght Scholar can be lecturing, consulting, workshop participation, being keynote speaker at a conference, evaluation/development project or other relevant outreach activity with a wide audience/impact. It is not possible to apply for the grant for research purposes.


Application Procedure

1. Contact the Fulbright Scholar in Europe on his/her Fulbright grant. If you do not have a specific scholar in mind, please use the link to search for a suitable scholar.

2. Agree on the details of the visit with the American Fulbrighter. If you have not yet had contact with the Scholar, the Fulbright Commission may initiate the contact on your behalf, if requested.

3. Email the Fulbright Commission with a request for a grant for the international travel costs of the Fulbright Scholar. In this request, please give the following information:

  • The full name of the Dutch institution and department and contact details.
    The name, title and contact details of the host
  • The name and contact information of the American Fulbrighter you want to invite and their current location in Europe.
    The dates of the visit
  • The requested amount for international travel costs
  • The estimated contribution of the host organization for housing, meals, local transport
  • The reason for inviting this specific American Fulbrighter
  • The proposed program for the Fulbrighter at your institute and the estimated number of persons reached and their composition (students, researchers, teachers).

You can apply at any moment of the academic year, the applications are dealt with in chronological order of applying until the budget is depleted. The Fulbright Commission will reimburse the international travel costs of the Fulbright Scholar, the host institute is asked to cover the other costs of the visit. In case you apply for a grant from the Intercountry program and are awarded the grant, the travel costs will be reimbursed to the host institute after the visit on the basis of the actual costs based on original travel tickets and receipts. The costs will be reimbursed from door to door (from the city the Fulbright Scholar is living to the one he/she is visiting) on the basis of public transport second class and plane or train.