Classroom Visit Program

Each year approximately 25 students and graduates are awarded a Fulbright grant to come to the Netherlands. There are several types of grants that they carry out: some complete a Master’s program, some are PhD candidates, and some are educators and English Teaching Assistants.

Every year, these Fulbrighters show an interest in visiting Dutch schools to give a presentation about their projects/studies in the Netherlands and/or a topic about American culture, politics, and history.

They can visit any type of Dutch school. The Classroom Visit Program makes this possible; when you sign your school up for the program you will have the opportunity to invite a Fulbrighter to your school for a one-time visit.

About the Fulbright Program and the Classroom Visit Program

In 1949, American Senator J. William Fulbright and the U.S. Department of State started the Fulbright Program as an international educational exchange program between America and many nations around the world. Today, Fulbrighters travel to over 160 countries annually and we have welcomed Fulbright grantees to the Netherlands from the beginning. We also provide opportunities for Dutch students/gradates to go to the United States.

Our American Fulbrighters are enthusiastic about having the opportunity to visit a Dutch school during their time in the Netherlands. Here are some examples of what they can do:

  • They can give presentations about their research/study programs. Our Fulbrighters come from a wide range of academic backgrounds: Engineering, Art Restoration, History, Agriculture, Education, and more.
  • They can give a presentation or help develop a one-time cultural event experience. Are your students curious about whether American TV shows about high school are accurate? Or perhaps they’re interested in discussing U.S. politics/history?
  • Regardless of the topic being discussed, inviting a Fulbrighter to your school helps to facilitate the speaking and listening English language skills of your students


How to participate in the program

If you’re interested in inviting an American Fulbrighter to your school for a one-time Classroom Visit, please read their profiles here complete the form below.

When you select the Fulbrighter you would like to invite to your school, the Fulbright Commission will introduce you so you can plan the visit independently.

It is free for Dutch schools to participate, and travel costs for the Fulbrighter are reimbursed. We try to have each Fulbrighter visit just one school per year, so others also have the opportunity to do so.

If you have any questions please contact

  • We will send information about the School Visit to this email, so we can help you begin to coordinate the visit.
  • Example: ages 16-18
  • Example: Gymnasium, Primary school, MBO
  • This can be written in Dutch or English.