Our Fulbrighters and CSPers have inspired and impressed us throughout the years. These blog posts were written by our program participants and will give you a glimpse into the Fulbright and CSP experience in the United States and the Netherlands.

Admission tests

Students planning to take admission tests this spring should note that test dates may be delayed or cancelled due to Covid-19. Many test organizations are now working to offer the tests online, enabling students to take the tests from home. You can find the most recent information from each testing organization below. In addition, each…

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Unconventional Wisdom – Fardo Eringa

“Unconventional Wisdom”. Met dit motto wekte Rice University mijn nieuwsgierigheid. Het leek mij een uitgelezen plek om mijn eigen onconventionele onderzoek naar Michael Jackson-pelgrims verder te ontwikkelen. Ik werd niet teleurgesteld: Rice, met haar brede beschouwing van religie, bleek goed te passen bij mij en mijn onderwerp. Gedurende het Spring-semester van 2019 ervoer ik Rice…

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What Makes the World Go ‘Round? – Kaitlin Biagiotti

As my students went on stage and presented their speeches in a school auditorium in Haarlem, I sat in the audience filled with nervous excitement. My second year student gave a witty speech about speeches and my third year student shared a reflective talk about the little things in life. These were their thoughtful responses…

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